Virtual End of the Year Celebration Buddha’s Light Children Dharma Class

December 12, 2021

Toronto & Detroit Buddha’s LightChildren Dharma Class Fall Term has its final class on Dec 12th. With theupcoming Amitabha Buddha’s birthday, the theme of the class was “It’s AmitabhaBuddha’s Birthday,” and "End of the Year Celebration." There werepresentations of awards to outstanding students. Nearly 40 people participated,including Ven Miao Mu, Superintendent of FGS Temple Toronto, Ven Man Long, VenMiao Tsun, Ven Ru An, teachers, teaching assistants and students.

“It’s Amitabha Buddha’s Birthday,” theteaching assistants introduced Amitabha Buddha’s birthday and explained themeaning and merits of reciting Amitabha Buddha’s name in children’s terms.Teachers applied the contents of Ven Master Hsing Yun’s “Prayer to AmitabhaBuddha” and incorporated real-life examples to show how great the Western PureLand is. The Pure Land is not only a beautiful place but also no environmentalpollution, no cruelty, no gossips, no misunderstanding, no injustice, noterrible transportation incidents and no distinction of social classes. ThenTeaching Assistant Kai led the students to recite Ven Master Hsing Yun’s“Prayer to Amitabha Buddha” to feel and contemplate Amitabha Buddha’s Loving Kindnessand Compassion.


In the Q & A section, when askedabout “Please describe the Pure Land in your mind?” The children said, “I wantto have lakes, parks, flowers, animals, snow, fresh air, birthday parties,family and friends all are included in the Pure Land,” “I wish with people whoare eliminated greed and selfishness.” The children also excited to find outthat “the Pure Land is a great place as there is no evil, no bullying andprejudice in school," "it is a wonderful place that everyone practicesthe 3 Acts of Goodness,” “people treat others as oneself” and also “your visionwill change when your mind is not easily affected by the change of the externalenvironment.”


Duringthe section of "The End of Year Celebration," everybody enjoyed recapvideos. Then, followed by the presentation of the Lion Awards to students withmarked improvement and the Buddha’s Light Awards to students with excellentachievement in learning Buddha’s teachings. Ven Miao Mu thanked all teachersand teacher assistants for their efforts and hardworking in designingcurriculum and activities for junior and senior classes. She also encouragedstudents to practice the “Four Immeasurables, which is to practice"Loving-kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity” in daily life.