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Visiting the Temple

Can I visit the temple? Are you open to the public?
What are the guidelines for visiting temple during the pandemic?
Is there a temple tour guide?
What are the steps to book an appointment?


Who is the founder of Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto?
What are the objectives of your temple?
Where does Fo Guang Shan come from?
Why are five Buddhas honoured in the main shrine?
What do the great bell and drum symbolize?


Who is Buddha? Was Buddha a God?
What is the difference between Buddhas and Bodhisattvas?
Why Buddhists bow, pray or worship the Buddha statue if Buddhism does not believe in creationism?
Why do people chant?
What does praying mean in Buddhism?
Do Buddhists pray before a meal?
Why do Buddhists join/fold their palms?
What are the hand gestures?
Why do Buddhists practice vegetarianism?
What are the basic steps for a beginner to learn and practice Buddhism?
Is "faith" the only important element in practicing Buddhism?
Must Buddhists be vegetarians? What about nuns and monks?
What are the different types of sufferings in life?
What are the different types of sufferings in life?
How can karma be explained and how does it work?
Can devotees of other religions practice Buddhism?
Why do Monastics shave their hair?
Why do Monastics have incense marks on their heads?