Ventures' First Outing in a Very Long Time

September 16, 2021

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday, August the 15th with perfect hiking weather, just in time for the Ventures to go on their hike at Hilton Falls Conservation Area. The nice weather consisted of being less humid than usual and the large canopy of the trees decreased the strength of the sun rays, creating nicer conditions for our hike. Being the Venture's first outing in a very long time, everyone was eager to see and meet each other again, letting us all feel a bit closer to the normalcy we once had and strive to work towards.   We hiked about 3 kilometres on the trail.

To start our hike, we all met at the opening of the trail. This is also where we did the very first investiture ever done on a hike! We then made our way to the star of the show, the falls (all thanks to those doing the directions)! We made it to the falls and also sat at the campfires near the waterfall for a break. We then headed back as a nice end to our Sunday afternoon and weekend.

Welcoming the newest member with the first investiture ever done on a hike.

Overall, this hiking trip was a valuable opportunity for each venture and leader to see each other again in person for the first time in around a year and a half. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this outing and would for sure do it again! And so, we hope to plan many more outings and hikes especially in the near future, all as a way to talk and be with each other again.