Surmount, Featured in the Brampton Library's 2023-2024 Collection

May 12, 2023

Surmount, Fo Guang Shan’s very own spiritual care newsletter, was officially launched in February 2023 under the guidance of the Abbess, Venerable Chueh Fan. The widely-acclaimed Issue No. 1 was picked up by Julia Huang, whom happened to be the program director of the Local Authors Showcase program through the Brampton Library. The Temple submitted Surmount to be featured in the 2023-2024 collection upon Julia’s recommendation. The submission was accepted at the beginning of April, followed by invitation to partake in a local book fair on June 17th at Gage Park (45 Main St S). Surmount addresses the wider community’s needs for elevating our spiritual and mental wellness. Each team members contributed their professionalism and life experiences while integrating core concepts of Humanistic Buddhism in curating the content. Surmount is an online publication in English with Issue No 2. expected to be released in August 2023.