Halloween Activities make learning Chinese Engaging and Fun

November 11, 2021

On October 31, Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto Chinese School hosted a “Virtual Halloween Party.” Participants dressed in a variety of costumes included Princess, Policeman, Witch, Superman, etc.

Everyone enthusiastically shared their characters and the source of their inspirations. It was an entertaining and unforgettable class for both students and teachers.

In order to combine education and fun, teachers in the Chinese school planned numerous class activities for the students. Ms. Liu in Kindergarten Class and Ms. Jiang in Advanced Class created a “Castle Treasure Hunt” event where the students would collect candies by learning Chinese words related to Halloween to open the “Treasure Box.”

Halloween is commonly associated with pumpkins. Ms. Jin in Conversation Class explained the origin of this festival and led the students in the “Pumpkin Drawing” activity. Ms. Huang in Fundamental Class meticulously designed an “Escape Room” game with mazes, numerical puzzles and riddles. Students unknowingly strengthened their understanding of the new vocabularies by finding the clues to open the “door” in the virtual room. All students worked together and managed to discover all the passcodes successfully to win the prize.

The “Virtual Halloween Party” was successfully helped teachers establish deeper connections with returning and new students. Even though everyone was not physically together, it brought everybody closer through joyful online interactions.