BLIA Toronto Launches Spring Food Drive for Harvest Food Bank

May 10, 2024

In line with BLIA’s commitment to community service and charitable initiatives, North York Subchapters 1 and 2 of the Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Toronto kicked off a food drive campaign forthe North York Harvest Food Bank on April 29th. The initiative aimed to address food insecurity and provide support to those in need within thecommunity.

Over 11 days, from April 29th to May 9th, BLIA members actively participated in the Spring Food Bank Drive by generously donating various food items to the Buddha’s Light Center in Markham. Their efforts culminated on May 10th, as subchapter members and volunteers came together to sort approximately 800 pounds ofdonated goods. These included essentials such as beans, pasta, canned vegetarian foods, cereals, rice, oil, and more.

Henry, the director of the Harvest Food Bank, emphasized the significance of such initiatives, particularly in the face of rising inflation, which has led to increased food prices. With more individuals relying on food banks to meet their basic needs, initiatives like BLIA's food drive play a crucial role in providing essential support to the community.

Subchapter President Grace Wu expressed gratitude to all compassionate BLIA members and dedicated subchapter participants for embodying the spirit of 'ThreeActs of Goodness and Four Givings.' Together, they successfully conducted the food drive campaign, spreading love and warmth within the community.

BLIA Toronto North York subchapter 1 and 2 initiated a spring food drive for 20 days starting from April 29th. On May 10th, foodwas handed over to North York Harvest Food Bank at the Buddha's Light Center in Markham. (Photo by Bernard Teoh)
On May 10th, subchapter committees loaded boxes of food donations onto the truck for transport to the North York Harvest Food Bank. (Photo by Bernard Teoh)
Subchapter committees loaded boxes of food donations onto a truck for delivery to the North York Harvest Food Bank. (Photo by Bernard Teoh)
The spring food drive, which lasted for 20 days starting from April 29th, collected approximately 800 pounds of food to support the community. (Photo by Bernard Teoh)