Begin from the Self – Buddha’s Light Children Dharma Class Fall 2021 Program

October 17, 2021

The 2021 fall semester of Buddha’s Light Children Dharma Class officially kicked off on October 10th with 40 children of age 5-13 from across Canada and the US in attendance. The Children Dharma Class community of students, teaching assistants, and teachers gathered online to celebrate a new chapter of growth upon the wonderful occasion of Canadian Thanksgiving.

In the opening remark, Venerable Ru An warmly welcomed everyone with a semester overview as well as introducing the Children Dharma Class teaching team. The program curriculum is based on a selection of Bodhi Light’s Tale focusing on the theme of “Begin from the Self.” Besides storytelling and presentation, each class includes guided meditation, small group discussions, and activities designed for the students aim to deepen the understanding of the significance of practicing Three Acts of Goodness and the Four Givings in their day-to-day life.

For the junior group, the action began with Qin Ling’s Thanksgiving scavenger hunt icebreaker. Her fellow teaching assistant, Sophia designed a colorful presentation to accompany the story of The Blind Lamp. Using the analogy of bike backlight, Angel elaborated on how shining light into others’ lives would in term brighten up oneself. She emphasized the power of words and how kind speech could lift people’s spirits.

Teaching assistants Kai and Simon engaged the senior group students in an energetic discussion through Zoom chat. Roma and Kitty, the senior group teachers, were impressed by the students’ responses. “Being considerate of the feelings of others and speaking nicely are ways in which we can convey our kind regards,” and “speaking happy words makes one happy” are a few of the numerous student comments. Roma and Kitty reminded children that having confidence and loving-kindness can be akin to lighting a lamp in our minds, bringing warmth, happiness, and meaning to others in life.