2022 Sangha Day Celebration

July 10, 2022

Three Consecutive Years of Drive-Thru Sangha Day Celebration

To celebrate Sangha Day, on July 10th, Mabel Lam, the president of the BLIA Toronto Chapter, led BLIA Toronto chapter directors, subchapters' presidents, Buddha's Light Scout,and BLIA YAD representatives to make offerings to the Venerables in the mainshrine. At the same time, more than 200 vehicles from 20 subchapters lined up outside the Temple to join the third-year Drive-Thru Sangha Day celebration.  

BLIA members used flags, ribbons, balloons, drawings, flowers, auspicious greetings and paintings to decorate their vehicles to express their joy and appreciation for the monastics. They were grateful for the opportunity to show their respect to Sangha and celebrated Sangha Day together at the Temple.

At 11:00 am, vehicles slowly approached the front parking log of the Temple to make offerings to the Sangha. Everyone paid respect to the Buddha, made an offering to the Sangha, having the sweet dew of blessing from the Abbess, Venerable Chueh Fan, and received the auspicious blessing bags and lunch boxes offered by the Temple. People inside and outside the car greeted each other with smiles and enjoyed the spirit of giving.  

Monica Kong, the Secretary General of BLIA Toronto Chapter, said, "More than 170 vehicles registered in advance, but lots of vehicles just showed up in the Drive-Thru Sangha Day Celebration. There were more than 200 vehicles participated. In the long line of convoys, we are so excited to see a wedding caravan led by groom and bride joining the Sangha Day Celebration with great joy."

by Christine Hsu