Fall Clean-up for FGS Toronto

October 29, 2022

Buddha has taught that there are five special virtues of cleaning.

1. to purify one's mind

2. to purify others’ mind

3. rejoice by the heavenly beings

4. plant the good cause of the right behaviours

5. reborn in the heavenly realm in their next life.

On October 29th, nearly 50 volunteers from the 1st and 2nd subchapter of Mississauga, united with the 1st,2nd, and 3rd of Da Tzu subchapter, participated in "Fall Temple Cleaning" where they cleaned up the periphery of the temple.

Before starting the work, all the members gathered in the main shrine, led by the Abbess Venerable Chueh Fan, and advisor Venerable Ru Xing, to pray to the Buddha for blessings. Abbess then give all volunteers a short talk, “Fall colours in Toronto are gorgeous. As climate changes and the four seasons rotate, winter will come when autumn ends,thus there is no need to be sad about the weather. Similarly, life is the same way, therefore we should not be attached to sadness, but cherish the present moment and the cause and condition. We should learn to adapt to the impermanence and treasure the changing seasons and moments, widen and enjoy our life!” The Abbess also explained that this event is to clean and sweep the fallen leaves. She reminded everyone to dress warmly when going outside. The temple kitchen had also prepared ginger soup to help keep the volunteers warm.

Volunteers brought their own tools,cooperated and worked enthusiastically with guidance from Venerables. The weather also kindly helped by putting beautiful sun and clouds in the sky. 38 bags of fallen leaves were collected. Everyone was filled with Dharma joy, as this cleaning supports Dharma, purifies both the environment and one's mind,and helps create good affinity with everyone.

Many members choose to bring their families to the event as well. Chun Wan Liu, a member from the Da Tzu subchapter, had invited her two daughters, Roya and Robin, and an international student from Turkey, Bahacan Ceylan to help. They commented that they enjoyed the fulfillment and happiness in their hearts from volunteering and serving the community.

-Translated by Winnie Kwong