Great Compassion Repentance Service

July 14, 2024 9:30 AM

To celebrate the Avalokitesvera Bodhisattva’s Day of Enlightenment, the Great Compassion Repentance Service will be held on Sunday July 14, 2024.

All merits will be transferred to all benefactors and participants. Benefits include the merits to eradicate hindrances, purify our body, speech and mind, see our true natures and realize all wisdom.The service will be live-streamed and everyone is welcome to participate in this wondrous practice of repentance.

為慶祝觀世音菩薩成道紀念日,多倫多佛光山謹定於2024年7月14日(星期日)啟建「大悲懺法會」;禮懺功德迴向眾姓檀那消災得福,開本見知,制諸魔外,三業精進。 禮懺功德殊勝,歡迎使用多倫多佛光山官方網站 www.fgs.ca 線上報名;並期屆時參與禮懺(實體/線上),共霑法喜。