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Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the founder of Fo Guang Shan, once said that reading provides us with four benefits –
it can help us to:

  1. build up our image
  2. change our temperaments
  3. learn more about ourselves
  4. expand our horizons.

With this philosophy in mind, Fo Guang Shan temples around the world have set up libraries to encourage reading, with the goal of establishing a scholarly society.

  • Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto has 3 library branches: the main branch located on the second floor of the Temple and two branches at the Buddha’s Light Centres in Markham and Waterloo respectively. These library branches are open to the public.
  • Our library currently has a collection of over 25,000 items, including Buddhist and non-Buddhist texts, magazines, as well as audio-visuals in Chinese, English and other languages. These items are classified into the following categories:

卍 Buddhist Texts:

  • Humanistic Buddhism
  • General Introduction to Buddhist Doctrines
  • Collected Works on Buddhism
  • Buddhist Doctrines, Philosophy & Theories
  • Historical & Geographical Science on Buddhism
  • Buddhist Sutra, Vinaya and Abhidharma
  • Buddhist Ritual-Customs
  • Buddhist Practices
  • Literature & Arts of Buddhism
  • Buddhist Denominations/Sects

Non-Buddhist Texts:

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Studies on Other Religions
  • Natural Sciences
  • Applied Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • History & Geography
  • Languages & Linguistics
  • Arts


  • Seminars & Lectures on Buddhism
  • Seminars & Lectures on Special Topics
  • Documentaries
  • Historical Films
  • Biographies
  • Classic Films
  • Arts & Cultures
  • Sciences
  • Educations


  • Seminars & Lectures on Buddhism
  • Seminars & Lectures on Special Topics
  • Seminars & Lectures on Everyday Living
  • Buddhist Chanting
  • Language Learning

The Fo Guang Shan Temple Library of Toronto asks that all patrons follow the guidelines and rules as described below:

Library Hours

  • Mississauga branch: Tuesday–Sunday from 10:00am-4:00pm
  • Markham and Waterloo branches: as per the opening hours of the two Buddha’s Light Centres

General Rules:

  • Please observe silence in the library.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited in the library.

Obtaining Library Cards:

  • Fo Guang Card (FGC) is the official library card. The old library cards are no longer valid.
  • Old library card holders or patrons without a FGC, you are welcome to apply for one at the front desk.
  • During the process of applying for it, a Temporary Library Card will be issued in the interim until the FGC arrives.

Borrowing and Renewal:

  • The FGC or the Temporary Card must be presented each time to borrow items.
  • Cardholder may borrow no more than 5 items in total, including books and audio-visuals (CDs, VCDs/DVDs).
  • Borrowed items must be returned in 3 weeks. Books can be renewed twice if not on hold. Renewal has to be done by/before the due day and the items will be renewed from the day of renewal. Renewal may be made by telephone calls or in person.
  • Reserved items have to be picked up within one week after notification. All reserved items will be re-shelved after one week.


  • Borrowed items are to be retuned at the circulation desk in the library during hours of opening. Items can also be returned to Buddha’s Light Centers in Markham and Waterloo.
  • If a cardholder has registered an email with our Library Management System, namely Librarika, a reminder will be sent by email 3 days (72 hours) before due day. No phone call reminders will be made.

Overdue Items and Fines:

  • The library charges overdue fines for library items so as to ensure continued access to our shared resources for everyone.
  • Overdue fine for each overdue item is $1.00 per day.
  • Failure to return overdue items after 30 days may lead to suspension of borrowing privileges until all fines are paid up.

Lost/Damaged Items and Fines:

  • The library charges fines for lost or damaged (disfigured with written marks, missing or torn pages, water-damaged, etc.) items.
  • Fine for each lost or damaged item is three times the original cost. This covers the replacement cost and processing cost.

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