Buddha’s Light Spiritual Care Group

To create a humanistic Pure Land of joy and happiness.

Under the instruction and guidance of Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto (FGS Toronto), Buddha's Light Spiritual Care Group was established in late 2020. Our group consists of counselors, coordinators, and volunteers. We offer spiritual care and support for volunteers, members, and friends of Buddha’s Light International Association Toronto Chapter (BLIA Toronto chapter) in an engaging and compassionate environment. You do not need to be identified as Buddhist to benefit from our services, so long as you are open and interested in understanding the Buddhist approaches to living and dying.

Our mission is to provide spiritual care to individuals and their families, to approach life and death with a positive state of mind, compassion, and wisdom, based on the principles of Humanistic Buddhism.

1) Palliative and Hospice Care

It is normal when our loved ones or when we are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and living with grief. Our goal is to bring spiritual and emotional comfort to you and your family. Our dedicated volunteers who have received many hours of training contribute their time to support palliative and hospice care and serve to provide companionship, respite, and spiritual support.

2) Grief Support

Grief is natural when we experience loss. Sometimes we could be stuck in our pain and remain sad, angry, or depressed for a long time while wishing to move forward. While we need help to navigate the pain, it is important to get support and care from others.  A series of Grief Support sessions will provide a safe space for those who respond to their loss, to find a way to move forward with their lives and to find meaning in the relationship with their loved one who has passed away.  

Please note that due to the restrictions impacted by the pandemic, the above services will be offered virtually.

Contact us at spiritualcare@fgs.ca (preferred method) or call us at (905) 814-0465 for more information or bookings.

Service is free of charge. Donation is welcome.