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今恭逢佛陀聖誕,多倫多佛光山謹定於2022年5月8日(星期日)上午9時30 分,啟建「慶祝佛陀聖誕浴佛法會」,至誠獻供禮讚佛陀;浴佛功德回向,淨化自己的煩惱塵垢、貪慾瞋恨,求障消除,求心清淨法界一切眾生,共植福慧;祈求世界和平民生樂利。

浴佛功德殊勝,歡迎使用多倫多佛光山官方網站 https://www.fgs.ca/events/bathing-buddha-dharma-service 線上報名,並期屆時線上參與,共霑法喜。

我今灌沐諸如來   淨智莊嚴功德海
五濁惡世離塵垢   同證如來淨法身

On May 8, 2022, FGS Temple of Toronto will commemorate the joyous occasion of Buddha’s birthday. The Buddha’s Birthday Celebration will start at 9:30 am (online via YouTube).

The celebration includes music and dance performances, offerings to the Buddha, and the Bathing Buddha Dharma Service. The merits acquired from bathing the Buddha will go together with our prayers and wishes to help convert our country, society and lives from suffering to joy. The Bathing Buddha event will be held outdoor from May 8 till 16 at Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto.

May Buddha bless everyone and keep all healthy and safe.

Gatha for Bathing the Buddha
I now sincerely bathe all Tathagatas,
Gaining merits of pure wisdom and majesty.
May beings be free from defilements in all,
Thereby attain Tathagata's pure Dharma body.

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